Comprehensive GI Map and Genetic testing




GI Map and Genetic Testing: Tier 1 benefits and Genetic Testing with three panels. Genetic and GI testing offers a profound understanding of your health, taking into account your unique genetic makeup.

Coaching: Bi-weekly coaching sessions with Dr. Ware and his team are extended to 30 minutes each.

Client Portal: Dedicated health advocate and a private messaging service via our client portal.

Personalized Plan Geared towards Your DNA: Individualized food, stress management, and health detox plan tailored to balance your GI and diet in alignment with your own DNA. Weekly emails and videos ensure you stay motivated and informed on your health journey.

We invite you to join our vibrant thriving community and embark on a shared journey of learning while achieving optimal health.

Participants are invited to purchase test kits to obtain personalized GI Map and Genetic data points and receive the guidance and direction for individualized Self improvement. Witness the transformation as test results provide the data to understand and address any existing bacteria or parasites discovered and learn to maintain a healthy balance in our guts and our life.