Stretch Services

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+ $20 To include PEMF Mat

10-Minute Quick Fix

20-Minute Guided Session

30-Minute Guided Session

60-Minute Guided Session

5 Sessions / Month

Sessions expire in 2 Months

5 Sessions / Month

Sessions expires in 1 month

20 Sessions

Package expires in 3 months

20 Sessions

Package expires in 3 months

Biohacking Wellness Therapies for Holistic Recovery

Cellular Repair Legs, Arms, or Hips and Lower Back Compression Session

Per Session

15-Minutes Compression
30-Minutes Compression
5 sessions expire in 2 months
15 minutes Package
30 minutes Package

Cellular Repair Full Body Compression Session

Total Body includes hips, legs, and arm compression

Per Session

Full Body Compression


5 sessions expire in 2 months

60 Minutes Compression

Red Light Therapy


Per Session


5 sessions expire in 2 months

Recovery Massage

Choose between Percussion, Myofascial Release, or Cryo-ice Massage.

Per Session

Sound Bath Therapy

‚ÄčInstant stress reduction through deep relaxation to improve sleep and enhance focus and mental clarity.

Cupping Therapy

Group Classes

Balance, Agility and Resistance Training

Single Session

Saturday | 10AM
Easy alignment sequences for daily activities. Support skeletal strength and posture with improved coordination and mobility for injury prevention and recovery.

Guided Stretch Raja with Sound Therapy

Single Session

Saturday | 11AM
Personalized guidance to relieve tension, improve posture, increase mobility and promote recovery.

Soul Sound Sundays

Single Session

Sunday | 9AM
Spoken Word Yoga Guided Raja Stretch with Sound Bath by Richard Brookens. Feel the frequency vibrations from gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes and flutes during a deep Guided Stretch sequence to release stress and soothe the Soul.

Stretch Options

Tailored stretch options to address your specific needs and goals

Balance and Stability Sequence

Guided Balance Training: Enhance Stability, Coordination, and Flexibility. Strengthen, Improve Posture, and Boost Height and Balance through Controlled Movements.

Lower Body Sequence

Focused Stretch: Open Hips, Lengthen Legs, and Relieve Pain. Enhance Posture, Balance, and Overall Well-Being.

Upper Body Sequence

Guided Neck, Shoulder & Arm Stretches: Relieve Tension, Boost Flexibility, and Combat 'Text Neck'.

Total Body Sequence

Full-Body Stretch: Boost Flexibility, Relieve Tension, Reduce Stress on Joints, and Enhance Well-Being.

Dynamic Warm-Up Stretches

Pre-Workout Stretch: Boost Blood Flow, Reduce Injury Risk, and Enhance Athletic Performance.

Deep Sleep Sequence

Deep Sleep Stretch: Release Stress, Enhance Relaxation, and Improve Sleep Quality with Gentle Movements and Deep Breathing.
*You may specify your preferred Stretch Option upon checkout or inform your Stretch Expert on the day of your session.


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